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jalaram bapa
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jalaram bapa

Parcha Of Jalaram Bapa

Jalabapa Jholi and Danda
Without knowing inner voice of the soul, our birth is incomplete and this can be felt. If we chant the name of the God and turn our vision, we will have certain targets, which will make us become pure and free from sins. By doing this only, a person attains the highest God's salvation. This happened in Jala Bapa's life. God, himself appeared in the form of a saint and begged for Virbai from Jala Bapa in form of alms. He asked for the most unusual thing and Virbai was given to the saint by Jala Bapa, to carry out the daily chores. By offering this, the saint in return gave Virbai "Jholi" and "Danda", which is even present as of today. This once again concludes that any prayer or deeds done with whole-heartedness is always beneficial. So let us join Bapa and achieve this also, at earliest opportunity.

Sant Raghuvardas ji's prophesy about devotee Jalaram
Pradhan Thakkar was a gentleman merchant living in Virpur. His wife's name was Rajbai. Rajbai was highly religious and kind. A son was born to her. He was named Boghabhai. When he was about five years old sant Shri Raghuvardasji and other monks arrived in Virpur on way to pilgrimage of Dwarka. They asked people if dinner could be arranged to them. A man replied, you go to Pradhan Thakkar. He will feed you". They went to Pradhan Thakkar. He and Rajbai heartily welcomed them. She cooked dinner for them in no time and fed them. The saints were thoroughly satisfied. Then Rajbai made Bhoga to bow to tem. The saints blessed her saying, "Mother! All good to you! Another son will be born to you. He will be a great devotee and will salvage your 72 generations. His name will be written in golden letters n history of Bharat". Thus blessing , they left Dwarka. Another son was born to Rajbai after sometime. He was Jalaram . the parents began to bring him up in a decent way. A third son was born to Rajbai after sometime and was named Devji. Once an old saint from Girnar came to Rajbai's place. She welcomed them and offered them dinner. But they wanted to have a look at her second son. Jalaram playfully came there. When he saw the monks, he bowed to them devotedly. The saint placed his hand in his head and asked , " Son ! Recognize me?" Jalaram bowed once more and the saint disappeared. The mother remembered the prediction of Raghuvardas. She looked at Jalaram with love. But thereafter as if, Jalaram had come to know his previous birth. He began to recite ' Sitaram....Ram....Ram incessantly.

Shri Jalaram's marriage
When 14, he was given the sacred thread of janoi. After short time, he was betrothed to Virbai, daughter of Thakkar pragji Somaiya of Atkot. He had least desire to marry and start such life. But his parents did not consent. He was married at 16. Since childhood, Jalaram's virtues began to unfold with age compassion and mercy grew in him. On finding saints, he brought them with respect to his shop and gifted them with food and cloths. Jalaram's father Pradhan Thakkar was not so well to do and did not like this. At last, Pradhan Thakkar came separated from them. Uncle Valji Thakkar came to know this. He had no child. He called Jalaram and gave him charge of his grain shop. He was fully satisfied and happy with his devotee nephew and declared so publicly.

Public Service by Kind Jalaram
Jalaram began to take care of the shop. Jalaram used to give away shop items to poor, sadhus and saints as demanded by them. In market, there were two rows of shops. A neighbour bania shopkeeper did not like this at all. Once merchants had opened their shops in the morning and were cleaning them. Just then a group of 10-12 monks entered the village and began to ask for things in the market. But none paid attention. But a merchant told the sadhus , " Maharaj ! at the end is Jalaram's shop. You all go there. The devotee will fulfill your wishes." The sadhus were well pleased and came to Jalaram's shop. Jalaram also was cleaning the shop but stopped when he saw the monks. He folded his hands and uttered, " Jai Siyaram, Welcome ! Where do you come from? What can I do for you ?" The sadhus were pleased to hear this. An old monk replied, "Shethji , we are coming from Mathura and going to Girnar. Please be kind enough to arrange food for us." Jalaram said, " Maharaj ! This servant will make arrangements according to your desire." The sadhus cried, " Ramji ki jai" and went for bath. The old monk remained with Jalaram and got needed floor ,dal , gur and other necessities. The monk had no vessel for ghee. So Jalaram brought a five pound capacity pot from the shop and filled it with ghee. He also gave ten yards of cloths. The sadhus were over joyed. They tried all things but could not. So Jalaram shut the shop, lifted goods and went with them.

Jalaram become Bhojalram's disciple
Jalaram went to Gokul, Mathura, Kasi, Ayodhya, Badrikedar, Jagannathji, Rameshwar etc. He came back to Virpur after a year and half. He was 19 years old. He had lost all interest in worldly life. He was interested only in devotion of God. He wanted to have Guru to get advice. At that time a great devotee named bhojalram was in Fattepur Amreli. Jalaram went to bhojalram, fell at his feet and prayed, "you become my guru and tie me the 'kanthi'. Bhojalram immediately recognized such a great devotee. He exclaimed, "Jala! I thank Ram that I have been so fortunate to be your guru. Ram resides in every part of your body. Thus saying he tied kanthi to Jalaram. Then Jalaram said, "Father! I want to start sadavrat. Please give me blessing for this endeavor." Bhojalram was extremely pleased on hearing this. He said, "Jalaram, my blessings are there with Ramji's desire. Your sadavrat will go on forever. Serve sadhus and saints and perform duties of a householder too. You will not see any obstacles." Jalaram was also joyous. After that he fell at Guru's feet and began building an ashram, out of the village

Devotee Jalaram and his wife labour in the field
At down Jalaram and Virbai recited Ramnam, went to the field and reaped harvest. Farmers also employed this religious couple in their fields intentionally and gave them food-grains for labours. Thus by labour Jalaram and Virbai accumulated forty measures of grains. Then Jalaram told Virbai: "Bhandari! Great amount of food-grains has been gathered. How much we two need? If you cooperate, we recite Ramji's name and start sadavrat. Guruji has also consented." Jalaram always called his wife 'Bhandari'. Virbai said, "it is not necessary to question me. I am always your assistant. I shall do as you say. For me you are my God! Whatever your heart commands do it. Ramji shall help us and keep up our prestige." On hearing this Jalaram was happy. Two are better than one. He thought, Almighty has been most charitable in giving me such a wife. After a few days, he put his plan in action

Jalaram starts sadavrat in Virpur
After reciting names of Guru Bhojalram and Ramji Jalaram started sadavrat in Maha sud beej samvat 1876. Virbai cooked food. Jalaram fed the poor and the saints. Since 178 years, this sadavrat is flourishing today. The couple stored water in the morning, grinding flour and became ready. After worshiping Lord, Virbai used to cook and Jalaram used to welcome and feed with respect anyone, who came there. Since then he has been named Bhakta Jalaram. He was just twenty that time. In a short time, people and sadhus began to call him Jalarambapa. All wondered how a poor fellow could run sadavrat. King and emperors were too timid to do this. But Jalaram started it with ease. It became a sure place of shelter for groups of pilgrimage to Girnar, Somenath and Dwarka as well as for the poor and the handicapped. Jalabapa was doing such a great work. But like a servant, he fed and gave water to all with grace and gentleness. In beginning, there was shortage of food grains. Virbai sold her ornaments and valuables to keep to her husband's mission going. But as if God himself came to assist them. People from everywhere began to send money and food grains to the ashram. Some in their time of leisure came to help in work. By God's grace, the sadavrat began to work smoothly.

Jalabapa's true devotion and streams devotional so
Jalarambapa's devotion started to spread everywhere like scent. People called him Bhakta Jalabapa, Bhagat Jalabapa etc. he used to get up early in the morning, bathed and with a mala remembered the Almighty and prayed to him. Now many were coming to help him. So he did not go to the kitchen. Men, women and Virbai managed the kitchen. Jalarambapa welcomed the guest, feed them and arranged for their rest. Whenever free he recited name of Ram. After supper all of them sang devotional songs. Often in morning also. Sometimes other village folks invited Jalarambapa. He went there with groups of inmates to sing bhajans through out the night. When people heard that Jalarambapa was coming, devotees, and other men came there from all around. So the host often were in trouble. If they had prepared food for 25 only, hundred or hundred fifty would gather. Jalaram would sense the difficulty and go to the kitchen and lit a lamp of ghee, cover the food with a cloth, place a tulsi leaf in God's name therein. He would place a little food on tulsi leaf in a plate and pray to god. Then he would tell the hosts to recite Ramji's name and start serving food. And by god's grace, from food for 10, 20 or 25, hundred two hundred or even five hundred would eat, leaving surplus food. The lord of food was kind to Jalarambapa. At that time Namdar Thakor saheb shri Mulji the second was enthroned in Virpur. He too heard about Jalarambapa's sadavrat. He also used to send food grains to the sadavrat. Often with family he came to hear Bapa's bhajans and inquired if something was needed.

Devotee Jalaram donates his wife to a monk
One-day saint Jalaram was feeding the sadhus-sants with love. A very old sant arrived at that time. At once he shouted, "where is Jala Bhagat?" One hearing his name Jalabapa came out and fell at the feet of the aged sadhu. He said, "welcome sir! I am Jalo! Kindly come in. dinner is ready. Please come to eat it." With great feelings, Jalabapa invited him in the house and himself went to fetch water to wash the sadhu's feet. When he brought the water, the sadhu was still standing and coughing. He seemed to be sick and very week. But the divine luster was on his face. Jalabapa again made a request, "Maharaj, please come! Let me wash your feet. Please come and have your dinner." But the sadhu went on coughing and looking at Jalaram. He surmised that the sadhu could not walk. So he tried to hold the sadhu's hand but the sadhu did not let him succeed. "Jala! I do not want to eat." "Maharaj! I shall fulfill whatever you desire. But kindly have dinner prior to that. You appear tired. You seem to come from a distance. Maharaj! Where do you come from? And where are you going to? I shall make facility for your reaching there. But please sanctify my ashram. Come in." The sadhu smiled a little, "Jala! I am from Gokul-Mathura. My destination is not sure. Will you give me what I ask for?" "Yes Mahashay! I shall give you my head if you want definitely. I shall give you whatever you want. But please come in." "See Jala! I have become old. There is no strength in my body. I am tired and lonely. So give me your better half to serve me." Calmly Bhakta Jalaram replied, "yes Maharaj! I shall give you my wife. Now please be in." Slowly the sadhu came in. Jalarambapa washed his feet. Then made him sit for dinner. He then called his wife, "Bhandari! Will you come out for a while?" Immediately Virbai came out. She questioningly glanced at Jalaram. "Bhandari! This Maharaj wants you to serve him." Virbai understood all. She folded hands at her husband and requested "you order. Don't ask me. I shall do what Virbai understood all. She folded hands at her husband and requested "you order. Don't ask me. I shall do whatever you say because that is my foremost duty." Jalabapa said, "Bhandari! You have upheld my reputation. To serve sadhu, sants and especially the aged is equal to serving our parents. You accompany this maharaj and serve him as you would serve my parents." So saying Jalarambapa bowed to the maharaj. She then left kitchen managements to others and came out. Until then rumor had spread in Virpur that Jalaram had given away his wife to a monk. Great commotion arose in the village. It is right to donate, feed sadhus, and serve them in your home. But you can't give your wife to a monk. The Thakor also heard this in his palace and was amazed. The Bhagat has gone beyond limits. He has donated his wife also? This is not good. He should be persuaded. So thinking the Thakor saheb came to Jalaram's ashram. But a crowd had gathered. Immediately Thakor saheb was allowed to go in with ease. Jalaram folded his hands when he saw Thakor saheb. The later saw that the old sadhu was having food. Jalaram and his wife stood nearby. The sadhu appeared very old yet highly lustrous. But a wife cannot be asked for. The Thakor saheb told Jalaram, "Bhagat! What have I heard? You have donated Virbai to this sadhu? He has demanded improperly. But how can you leave your wife? You have married her. I do not think this is good." The Thakor saheb told Jalarambapa. "Your majesty! The Maharaj is highly aged. Like our parents, serving him is like serving the lord. How can I refuse? What is better if Bhandari serves him! Does not a daughter go to her parents if required? Serving the old sadhu is equal to serving God. I have given my word. Please forgive me/ we shall have to fulfill the Maharaj's wishes." Thakor saheb understood that Jalaram would not budge. So he saluted the sadhu, Jalarambapa and his wife Virbai and went away. The sadhu had finished his dinner and was ready to leave.
Virbai held Jalaram's feet and saluted him and said. "Bhagat, if I have ever made a mistake please forgive me." Then she bowed before the idol of Ramji and Hanumanji. Then she saluted all present with folded hands. The sadhu was ready to go. So Jalaram bowed to him. The sadhu exclaimed, "son! God will bless you! Narayan! Narayan!" He began to go, behind him went Virbai with a small bundle of her clothes. All saw Virbai following the sadhu. There was no sadness on the face of Jalarambapa. He came in his house and began to feed the sadhus-sants. All began to salute the service crusade of the couple.
The old monk and Virbai went in the north direction from the village. They reached the dense forest on the banks of Simravati river two three miles away from Virpur. The old sadhu stopped there and said, "Sati! I have to go to latrine. You sit below this tree and hold my stick and zoli." Virbai replied, "you please take your time. I am sitting here waiting for you. I shall properly guard your stick and zoli. The sati took the stick and zoli and sat below the tree. The old sadhu went away in the woods. Long time passed. The sun began to set. Virbai began to search for the sadhu. But he was not anywhere. She began crying. From the sky came a voice, "O Sati! Glory to you and your husband! I had come to test you. Now you go home and place this stick and zoli in your temple. All good may happen to you. Virbai heard this and was taken aback. A Virpur bullock-cart was passing at that time. The driver asked, "Why are you sitting here, mother?" Virbai told him everything and said "Brother, how can I enter the village without my husband's permission?" The driver immediately went to Jalabapa ashram and informed them of all that had happened. Tears came in Jalarambapa's eyes when he heard this, "Excellent! My Lord! Your doing are limitless." Then he requested, "please bring Bhandari! She had received company and gifts from the lord. She is more fortunate than I am." All brought Virbai back to Virpur with great respect. Jalabapa placed the stick-zoli in the temple. These stick-zoli are still today in the temple

Devotee Jalaram and his wife labour in the field
At down Jalaram and Virbai recited Ramnam, went to the field and reaped harvest. Farmers also employed this religious couple in their fields intentionally and gave them food-grains for labours. Thus by labour Jalaram and Virbai accumulated forty measures of grains. Then Jalaram told Virbai: "Bhandari! Great amount of food-grains has been gathered. How much we two need? If you cooperate, we recite Ramji's name and start sadavrat. Guruji has also consented." Jalaram always called his wife 'Bhandari'. Virbai said, "it is not necessary to question me. I am always your assistant. I shall do as you say. For me you are my God! Whatever your heart commands do it. Ramji shall help us and keep up our prestige." On hearing this Jalaram was happy. Two are better than one. He thought, Almighty has been most charitable in giving me such a wife. After a few days, he put his plan in action

The king of Gondal requests devotee Jalaram to ask
Midnight is over. The people of Gondal are enjoying sweet sleep. The bhajans are going on in house of Thakkar Meghji Devani. The Gondal kind hears the sound of bhajans. He is now full of emotions. In the morning he inquires who was the singer? One servant brought news that Virpur's Jalaram Bhagat was singing the bhajans. When the Gondal kind heard this he enquired, "Virpur's Jalaram? One who had seen God? One who had gifted away his wife? Jala Bhagat! I want to see him. Bring him on my palace respectfully." At king's command the servant approached Jalarambapa. They fell at his feet and said, "Bhagat Bapa! The Maharaja Saheb heard your bhajans and was pleased. He remembers you and wants to hear your Bhajans. Bapa! Kindly come to the palace." On hearing bhajans name Jalabapa stood up and went to the palace with the servants. When the king saw Jalabapa coming he stood up and went to receive and salute him, with folded hands. Bapa was seated on cushion. Then the king asked, "Bhagat! You were singing yesterday?" "Yes, Bapu! I was reciting God's name." "Bhagat! The bhajans were excellent, will you please kindly sing Bhajan for us?" "Bapu! What is in that? Both, one who recites and one who hears Lord's name, attain salvation." Jalarambapa sang three-four bhajans. The king was joyful. Gently he said, "Bhagat! I had heard much about you. Today I had your Darshan and heard you. I am greatly obliged. Say, what do you want?' Jalabapa replied, "I am also blessed to have Darshan of you, the Gondal Naresh. A king is said to be a part of God himself. What should I ask for? By Ramji's grace I feed food to the people. Virpur's Thakor gifted land so that Sadavrat may continue. What more is required?" "Bhagat! I shall give you land in Gondal. Ramji's temple will be built. Please live in my kingdom. Jalarambapa folded his hands. "I lived where Ramji ordered. Why should I be greedy? Ramji is everywhere. Please forgive me." All were surprised. The Bhagat was a genuine one. Finally Maharaj saheb said,
'All were surprised. The Bhagat was a genuine one. Finally Maharaj saheb said, "my village Charakhdi is situated near Virpur. I donate land there. You start Sadavrat there. You are giving dal-rotla in Virpur. Give rice in Charakhdi." Jalabapa couldn't refuse for Sadavrat. Sadavrat of rice started. But after Jalabapa's expiry it shut up.

Bhartuhari and Gopichand come in Jalabapa's ashram
In Samvat 1934 disastrous famine appeared. Without food-water men and women, and creatures without grasswater began to suffer. Then what of 'annakshetra'? There was great commotion in Jalabapa's ashram. Number of people lined up to dine. Jalabapa folded his hands and prayed to Thakor, "O Lord! Now please have mercy!" In his ashram there was Tida Bhagat who excelled in service. From morning he started to serve water to all. Once two bearded strong monks came crying Ahalek and sat in the shade of a tree. Jalabapa ran to them, folded hands and said, "welcome maharaj! How can I serve you? Dinner is ready." A monk said, "nothing at all. Only give us water." Bapa asked Tida Bhagat to bring water and gave it to them. Both yogis drank water, blessed Jala Bhagat and stood up. Bapa said, "Maharaj! Please come again!" in reply both smiled. Then Jala Bhagat told Tida Bhagat, "Tida! Did you recognize yogis?" "No, Bapa." You have served greatly in the famine. So I tell you. They are yogis Bhartuhari and Gopichand. They are going to Junagadh. Have their darshan from after but remain silent." "But Bapa how to recognize!" "It is raining now. But rain will not fall on them. They would be going dry." Tida Bhagat ran on the road to Junagadh. In no time he observed the two yogis. With faith Tida had their darshan, and returned. He told Jalabapa, "you are true. They were going but not getting wet. You have given me darshan of two immortal yogis and made my life successful.

Jalabapa Fame
At the age of 21 Jala Bapa had become famous and had lots of responsibilities. With these responsibilities, there is always a lot of worries and tension, but Bapa had left all this at God's disposal for guidance. Once upon a time, in the village, there lived a tailor by the name of Harji. Harji had some stomach aches for which he had various ailments which were futile. Upon other villager's suggestions, they requested Harji to vow in the name of Jala Bapa, that should his health improve, he would donate food. To his surprise his sickness disappeared within eight days. He fulfilled his wish and Jala Bapa's fame had grown further, but Bapa had never taken that to be his wonderful work. But in turn, he said, it was just ordinary work and that he was just trying to help the needy. This reflects a true picture of a Saint.

Relationship between teacher and a student
The most praised relationship is that of a Teacher and a student. The student has to serve the Teacher with lots of devotion which is a very important task. In turn the teacher has to help the student to free himself from this materialistic world and further protect him also from all evil. Near Amreli, there is a town called Fatehpur, a place where Bapa's Guru viz. Bhojalram resided. Bapa used to frequently visit him. He used to walk his way to and fro to Fatehpur in order to have his desired blessings. When two saints meet, they discuss a lot in common and would not realise how time has lapsed, without feeling tired and sleepy. This is a true love for each other.

Jalabapa does grinding work
In Rajkot, there were two sisters by the name Ranbai and Rulbai, who used to carry out the noble work of serving the saints. This noble work by the sisters had come to the knowledge of Bapa, who decided to pay a visit to these two sisters. At the same time, "Lala Bhagat", from Saila town had also come. Both were welcomed by the sisters and all of them chanted religious songs (Bhajans). In the morning both sisters took the cows to the fields to graze and had intended to come back early, in order to grind the cereals. Bapa realised this and in turn decided that he would assist the two sisters in grinding the cereals, since both would be tired after the day's hard work. Jala Bapa-chanting God's name completed the grinding work and when the sisters returned and noticed this, they fell at Bapa's feet, saying that only a highly respected saint can do this work, without any pride. This shows that for a saint, any work can be done without any financial gains in the mind.

Bhimjibapu was living in Jalabapa's place to serve. He had ardent wish to bathe in Ganga and Jamuna. Daily he asked for Bapa's permission to go. But Jalabapa would postpone daily. Once he requested most feelingly. Then Bapa said, "Well ! You may go this week. But come early to night to sleep." Bhimji came a little earlier and slept on a cot in the courtyard. After an hour or so the doors of the ashram opened up. So Bhimji got up. He sow two most Lustrous Divine ladies coming in with pots on their heads. They pored water in the kitchen pot, saluted Ramji and disappeared. Bhimjibapu was wonderstruck and a bit afraid. He thought perhaps I am dreaming. In the morning he told Jalabapa, " Bapa! Something most wonderful happened tonight. Two divine ladies came and poured water into our pot, prayed to Ramji and went away." " Bapu ! Didn't you recognize them? They were Gangama and Jamunama." " Oh ! Now it is purposeless to go to Prayag. Prayag is here." Bhimji then did not go to Prayag. Even now many people hear at night noise of pouring water into the pots. These pots remain open always. These pots never get dry and no harm has ever occurred to people drinking water there from.

A koli of fathehpur village had a habit of theft of small big things. He was an expert and never got caught. But once Thakor of Virpur caught him. He was jailed. When Jalabapa knew this he stood up because the thief was from village of his Guru. He is my Guru Brother and ought to be freed. Bapa went to the palace. The king welcomed him. Then Jalabapa said. " Bapu! Fatehpur's Koli is in your jail." " Yes Bhagat! But what of that?" "Not at all. But he is from my Guru's village. I should respect. Please be kind and release him." "Bhagat he is a big thief and he was arrested with great difficulty." "May be. If necessary jail me in his place." " How can it be done?" " I confess all his crimes. I shall go to jail in his place. The Bhagat folded hands before Virpur's Thakor and tried to take down his own pugree. The Thakor stood up and shouted, " Stop....Stop...! Bhagat ! You are forcing me to Sin. How deep is your devotion to your Guru ! We should bow to your feet. Your residence here has made us most fortunate." The Thakor sahib thus did not allow Jalabapa to take down his Pugree. He called the kotwal and ordered him to release the Koli. Bapa said good-bye to Thakor and brought koli to his Ashram and fed him. Such was Bhagat Jalabapa's devotion towards his Guru!

About Shri Jalaram Bapa's Temple
It was obvious that Jalaram Bapa was inclined to completely withdraw from marital life. Fortunately his wife, Virbaima decided to follow the path of Jalaram. So, when Jalaram decided to go for a pilgrimage for holy places, Virbaima followed him. At the age of 18, Jalaram Bapa accepted Shree Bhojalram from Fatehpur as guru and was given a "Guru Malaa and Mantra" in the name of Shree Ram. With blessings of his guru, he started "Sadavrat" a ame was Pradhan Thakkar, who was engaged in business. At the tender age of 16, Jalaram Bapa married Virbai, daughter of Thakkar Pragji Somajia. Jalaram Bapa was however not inclined to live household life and to continue to do business with his father. He is mostly engaged in serving sadhus and saints. He separated himself from his father's bsiness and stayed with his uncle, Valjibhai, who was very fond of Jalaram. The "Samadhi" of Shri Jalaram Bapa is on the feet of God Shri Ram Chandra.This had enterance just on the Left side of the Big Gate of the "Dela".The "JHOLI- DANDA" which is kept in the Transparent Cup-board and Shri Hanumanji's Idol is also Placed near the "Samadhi".Due to the "JHOLI-DANDA" only, it is possible to provide two times free PRASAD and TEA to the thousands of visitor who come for the Darshan of Shri Jalaram Bapa .Here in the "DARBAR OF GOD" every one where he is "CROREPATI" or "ROADPATI" is consider same and they are offered "PRASAD" when they all sit in a same row.The "PRASAD" consist of "GANTHIA","BUNDI" and "SABJI" in morning and "KHICHADI-KADHI" and "DESHI GHEE" in evening in a traditional dish of Leaves.All visitors take this PRASAD happily. There are three GIANT COPPER POTS in the Temple which was given by "GANGA MAIYA" filled with the "PAVITRA JAL" of Ganga, yamuna and sarawati rivers. The water from these pots never get empty.Moreover no one had suffered from any disease after drinking this "JAL". There are pair of large wheels for grinding the wheat in the Temple given by the king of the Dhrangdhra to Shri Jalaram Bapa.

A chappati is 15.25 ft in diametre 250kg in weight
Secunderabad: In a novel tribute, disciples baked a mammoth bread to remember a guru known for his selfless efforts to feed the poor. Jalaram Bapa of western Gujarat had run a feeding centre where the needy could have a meal at any time of the day. His followers revere him as a saint, and his photographs adorn the houses of people belonging to Lohana community. Jalaram's followers under the banner of Jalaram Seva Samiti made a chapatti measuring 15 feet in diametre and weighing 250 kilograms to mark his birth anniversary. "We have created a record by making a Bajra (Millet) roti (bread) of 15.25 feet in diametre and weighing about 250 kilograms," said Asmukh Dowda, organiser. Dowda said that they would inform the Guinness Book of World Records about the chapatti, which took 12 people to make using a special pan, and 12 cooking gas burners. The chapatti was served to hundreds of devotees, who were in Secunderabad to attend the birth anniversary of Jalaram. -Nov 19, 2005

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