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jalaram bapa
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jalaram bapa

How To Reach Virpur

Virpur is a small village about 52 K.M from Rajkot.It is situated on National Highway No. 8b.
Now to reach Virpur for darshan of jalaram bapa you have to reach to Rajkot,Gujarat from where virpur is merely 50-60 km run and you can go there by hiring a taxi or you can go by bus.
For those who reside in Gujarat they have to reach rajkot via bus or via train.
For those who reside outside Gujarat they have

  • To take a flight to Rajkot and go to virpur via bus.
  • OR
  • To take a flight to ahmedabad and then reach Rajkot via bus or train and then go to virpur via bus..
  • OR
  • To take a flight to mumbai then go to rajkot/ahmedabad but make sure final destination should be rajkot then go to virpur via bus.
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